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I'm a sound assistant working on high-end TV and film with over 5 years experience who has also worked across commercials, documentary, & corporate projects. With a background in audio post production I have a broad understanding of production sound and the journey it takes from the pre-production stages and location recce, right through to post production and the final mix.​

2021 has been such a busy year, leading into the year I had the pleasure of reuniting with the cast and some familiar crew working on the new Netflix season of Top Boy. I then started working The Essex Serpent, an upcoming limited series for Apple+ and with things being so busy after a short hiatus I will be working on season 2 of BBC’s The Capture. 


I’ve also been fortunate in my professional development, recently becoming a member of BAFTA and also being selected as one of ScreenSkills HETV Leaders of Tomorrow.


The ScreenSkills HETV Leaders of Tomorrow is a three-year programme focused on providing tailored support to mid-level professionals working in High-end TV. HETV productions that contribute to the HETV Skills Fund can access funding to subsidise the cost of employing, supporting, and training the individuals in a relevant role, as they progress their careers over the three years of the programme.


To read more about the programme click here

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